Friday, July 13, 2007

A Fraught Two Weeks 

Aaron an Lewis have been growing nicely, putting on about 8ozs per week on average, they are now just over 7 weeks old and we are really enjoying looking after them when we get the opportunity. The last two weeks have been a little fraught though.

A fortnight gone Tuesday Lewis developed a hernia and Aaron got one a day later, both had to have operations on the Friday that week. The operations went well and the boys recovered as if nothing had happened. Unfortunately Lewis developed a hernia on the other side this week and had to have an emergency operation on Wednesday evening. Thankfully that went better than expected and he is back home again.

We're now keeping our fingers crossed that Aaron doesn't follow suit in the near future. They are coming to visit us tonight and I'm really looking forward to it. Little Aaron has learned how to smile and was using his new found skill to his full ability on Wednesday, whilst Lewis was in theatre. I think he loved all the attention he was getting, we'll have to watch that, I think he's a little attention seeker on the sly.


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