Friday, June 27, 2003

The Ginger Whinge Thwarted In Court

Chris Evans was branded a liar and prima donna yesterday by a high court judge who threw out his multimillion pound claim against Virgin Radio and ordered him to pay costs and damages which are expected to run into millions of pounds........

In a damning judgment on the maverick broadcaster, Mr Justice Lightman described Evans as an insecure, petulant, manipulative man with the temperament of a prima donna given to walking away from situations whenever he considered himself thwarted.

I think that just about sums up my opinion of the over-rated, so called media star, though I'm not so sure about the insecure bit.

For a fuller report of the case from the Guardian click here.

Comical Ali's Horse And Cart

Following his release by the US forces, Comical Ali, Iraq's infamous former Minister Of Misinformation, has refused to admit that he misled the public over the course of the war.

"History always has a wagon. This is the wagon of time to chronicle what happened. I clearly see the wagon is not ready yet. God willing, when this wagon's conditions in terms of time and documentation are fulfilled, we can talk about it. I do not regret what I did. I was sincere in all I said."...... He admitted in a second TV interview that when he denied US tanks were in Baghdad, he knew they were there. But he said he was told the situation was under control.

Under the control of the US forces perhaps?

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Who You Gonna Call?

When there's something strange, in the neighbourhood (change that to in your email inbox), who are you gonna call? Spambusters of course.

I suspect there's a long way to go before any real effective measures will be put in place, but I suppose it's a start at least.

The Best Way To Punish Crime

Auctioneers say have sold a drug dealer's glittering stash of gold coins and other artifacts from Spanish shipwrecks y, raising $761,500 (455,500 pounds) for federal law enforcement...... The jewellery and U.S. and Spanish coins were among over $1 million in assets seized from Thomas Ruck after his arrest in 2001...... Ruck, now serving 12-1/2 years in prison for smuggling cocaine into Florida for Colombia's Cali drug cartel, bought the bounty with his illegal profits.

This is the sort of law enforcement system we need here, not the Lord Justice Woolf version: which returns to criminals their seized assets, reduces their sentences and bestows the upon them, the right to sue their victims because of loss of earnings due to imprisonment.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

The Euro & Europe Are Bad For You

Almost all euro banknotes circulating in Germany contain traces of cocaine, scientists say, as notes rolled up by users to snort the illegal drug contaminate the cash system......... Results from a separate study the institute carried out on euro notes in Barcelona were particularly startling, he said..... "We were almost knocked flat by what we discovered there. The concentrations of cocaine on Spanish euro notes were almost a hundred times that of what we recorded in Germany," he said.

What more proof do you need?

Painting Stolen From Lake Bottom

Thieves in Belgium are believed to have stolen an eight stone painting from the bottom of a 35ft lake..... Exhibition organiser Noel Kiczula said: "On the bottom of the lake, we have an exhibition of 50 pieces of art, so divers can visit the the museum, while practicing in the lake."

This story beggers belief really, what sort of pea brained idiot would come up with the idea of holding an art exhibition underwater? I'm surprised my local council haven't had a hand in this idea.

Web Comments Can Cost Jobs

If you ever needed a warning not to leave candid comments on a website, that can be directly linked to yourself, then you need to read this news item.

I'd have thought it obvious really, if you must make candid comments, then at least try to cover your tracks.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Highway Robbery On Holiday Brits

It never ceases to amaze me that some people still haven't got the message: It is inviting trouble to take a sleep break in isolated areas in France, especially if you are driving a car with foreign number plates.

There are plenty of reasonably cheap motels on route to the South Of France in which to take a proper rest stop. It is surely better to spend a little more, to sleep in a safer environment, than it is to hold up a sign that shouts: "I'm British! - I'm Tired! - I Don't Know Where I Am! - Mug Me!".

It's not just France, these sort of robberies happen everywhere, but you will always find the idiots who, when on holiday, throw caution to the wind and invite trouble.

Bloggage Blockage Update!

It seems that it was Coventry public libraries that blocked my site not Warwick University. Mmmm? So you can borrow sexually explicit books from a library, such as those written by the likes of Jackie Collins, or even various biology books which describe sexual acts and probably display pictures of such organs, but you can't relay real news stories via the internet without being censored.

I reckon there is more sex talk on TV before the 9pm watershed that there is on this site. I still wonder, have the library banned the Annanova and Reuters sites?

Monday, June 23, 2003

Brief News From The Weekend

Well it was eventful to say the least. I got a puntured tyre fixed at KwikFit for free after being initially quoted £12: 'You Can't Get Better Than A KwikFit Fitter'. I picked up my new car from Forward Autos and am pleased with it, so far. My PC came apart at the seams on Sunday and I'm hoping that David can fix it at work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the hard disk hasn't completely corrupted.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Luther Watch

Just one week after Luther Vandross left the intensive care unit, his new album 'Dance With My Father' sold 442,000 copies, to debut at number one.

According to Carmen Romano, Vandross' business manager, the singer continues to improve and grow more responsive with each day. "I feel as though I'm watching a modern-day miracle," Romano said.

The full story can be found on Rolling Stone.

Click here for my previous Luther Blog.

Blocked Blog

It seems that a university site, Warwick I think, has blocked access to this blog giving the following reason:

The Blocked Status is host and the Category was listed as partial/artistic nudity, full nudity, sexual acts/text

As any references, of the above, that I have made have come from bona fide news sources, such as: Ananova, Reuters or in one case, Russia Makes It Funny (which may not be a bona fide news site), can I take it that those sites are blocked too?

A Beginners Guide To The Draft EU Constitution

Thanks to the Guardian for publishing this guide which goes some way to reducing some of my paranoia. There are some areas that I do not like the look of such as the harmonisation of taxes, there is one thing guarenteed, taxes will go up, increased beaurocracy demands it. One area that our governement would likely to be set against, is the increase in emplyee rights, which in this country these days is pretty appalling, ask anyone who has been made redundant lately.

I still personally would want a referendum on the issue, whatever happens.

Livestock Fart Tax Stinks!

So say the New Zealand farmers who look likely to be saddled with a new tax. The tax is aimed at paying for research into livestock emissions of methane and nitrous oxide, which account for more than half of the country's greenhouse gases.

Farmers of cows, sheep, deer and goats will hit by the tax, but there is good news for owners of pigs and poultry, they will be exempt.

A Party Piece!

Amaze your friends with this the following party trick. Ask them the following questions:

1. Nominate the number (between 1 and 10) of times you have been out in the past week. Keep the answer to yourself.
2. Multiply that figure by two. Keep the answer to yourself.
3. Now add five. Again don't tell me the answer.
4. Now multiply your answer by 50.
5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1,753; if you have not had your birthday yet, add 1,752.
6. Now subtract the four digit year you were born in.

You are now left with a three digit number, click the 'Shout Now' link on this blog and I'll tell you how many times you have been out in the past week. I'll also tell you something else about yourself that I probably don't know already. I'll let you into the secret in a later blog, if you can't work it out for yourself.

Ya Boo Sucks To You!

Damn! I missed International Heckling Day. It was yesterday.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

A Donkey Called Taxi

Well not quite:

PROVING how versatile a donkey can be in isolated parts of the Balkans, comes the story of a new donkey taxi service.

Tourists getting off a Greek bus at the new Qafe Bote border crossing with Albania were less than enthralled by the local taxi service: a donkey with a taxi sign tied to its head.

The story comes courtesy of Anorak and reminds me a little of a holiday we had in Corfu in the early 1990's:

We had booked for a pony trek/safari at a local agent in Sidari. On the day of the trek we were waiting, to be collected from the agents office, when an old battered and lop-sided black Citroen pulled up outside. Emblazened across the bonnet of the car, in do it your self white lettering, was the word 'HORSES', yes it was our tour guide. He turned out to be a local farmer who owned the horses and this was our transport to the field he kept them in.

Taking our life into our hands we filed into the car to be met by a further surprise, the back seat consisted of two bales of straw. The kids thought it was hilarious as we bounced, down the main road, through the resort with passers by pointing and laughing at the spectacle. Looking back it was funny, but at the time I was more concerned about our safety, as I clung onto the dashboard whilst trying to perch on the collapsed front passenger seat.

Our destination was a field 200 yards along the road from the apartment we were staying in, if only we'd known, we could have walked there and saved ourselves a laugh. The trek itself was fun and during a stop off at a taverna I learnt a few Greek profanities as the farmer, I think his name was George, let off steam at speeding motorists who were upsetting his horses. We declined the offer of a lift back as we lived so close to the 'stables'. For the rest of the holiday, George would pass us every day, toot his horn and wave as he drove along to pick up another group of would be trekkers. The car named 'HORSES' became a standing joke for the rest of the stay.

There's Nothing Quite Like Blowing Your Own Trumpet

British energy giant Powergen claimed today that it had nothing to do with the unfortunately named www.powergenitalia.com, an Italian battery producer, says Ananova today.

I bet Powergen wishes that they had bought the domain name first though.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

89.8% Demand Referendum On European Constitution

I recently blogged about campaign, by The Daily Mail, to force a referendum on the proposed European Constitution. As part of the campaign The Mail set up an unofficial referendom of it's own, to gauge the public's desire for such a chance to vote. The survey results are now available and show that, of just over 1.5M valid votes cast, 89.8% wanted a national referendum. An idependant ICM survey came up with very similar figures.

The full results and The Daily Mail's commentary can be found here .

Monday, June 16, 2003

A Good Weekend Was Had By All

Last Friday as you will know was Friday the 13th, many consider this to be an unlucky day. As far as we are concerned it is a lucky day, good things always seem to happen to us on the 13th, I'm not sure if that's a good thing. Anyway, we have been waiting for a landscaper to turn up and satrt work on our garden since Easter, poor weather and employees leaving have delayed him, but on Friday he turned up with mini digger and started the work at last.

On my return home from work, he had dug out the foundations for the paved steps leading down to the lower lawn and patia area, he had also made a start on digging out the pond. By Saturday lunchtime we he had finished the heavy work and we had the basic pond area and mound for the waterfall prepared, along with the area to be lawned levelled. There's a long way to go yet, but we really are hoping that weather permitting we will have the middle section of the garden in a presentable state within a couple of weeks.

The weather was hot all weekend so we did a bit of gardening of our own at the bottom end, and finished the day with a barbaque (Turkey breast steaks, sausages and garllic mushrooms) and a bottle of wine in the evening. Nice.

Sunday was a day for spending money, my old Punto is getting to a stage where a number of probably expensive jobs are on the horizon, so it seemed like a good time to look to P/X it for a new one. We went Forward Auto's in St Helens, a dealer we have used on a numner of occassions and found to be decent and honest over the past 6 years and cut a deal on a new FIAT Punto Active. I collect it next Saturday.

The day was completed by doing more gardening in the wooded area, digging out loads of weeds and nettles, and being covered in swarms of greenfly everytime we brushed against the leaves of the sycamore tree at the bottom of the garden. The weeds were replaced by some cranesbill (wild geraniums) Ivy and variagated eunoymous. Now the trick will be to keep the area weed free, as it backs onto untended woods owned by a local brickworks.

One Session Too Far

Boony is notorious for his love of the demon drink, but I wonder if even he could disrupt court procedings in this way?

So You Want Ketchup?

All credit to Ketchup-only store for their dedication to ketchup lovers in Kilburn, London. I say good luck to their business venture but I can't help feeling that a little diversification would help long term profit margins.

Pie Holder Stops Burnt Fingers
Is this really what fooball fans the world over have been waiting for,
a pie holder? By the looks of that pie in the picture, it's never seen the outside of a freezer.

Friday, June 13, 2003

The Sexiest Money In the World = The Russian 100-Ruble Note

According to Aleksey Svistunov, the editor-in-chief of the Russian Book of Records, the Russian one hundred ruble note is the sexiest money in the world.

Just take a hundred ruble note in your hands and look at it very attentively... The image of Apollo on the portico of the Bolshoi Theatre is the object to pay your attention to....... During repairing works, Apollo was deprived of the fig leaf that covered his male pride...... the Russian 100-ruble note is the only money in the world, which depicts a penis.......

That may be so, but it's not sexy from my point of view.

Homer Simpson, The Greatest American?

Is seems Homer Simpson is currently leading an internet poll to see who is the greatest American ever. The poll is being conducted to tie in with a BBC2 debate called What The World Thinks of America to be screened on Tuesday at 9pm.

All I can say is: either the Internet is full of idiots or a lot of people are taking the piss.

So You Think You Are Clever...

Think again, take the Stupid Test and see how clever you really are. Thanks to Man About The House for this link.

Madness Shear Madness

Have you ever wondered why Osama Bin Laden and Sadam Hussein have not been found yet? Well, the answer is simple, they have been rendered invisible, by the use of invisibility technology, from the Philadelphia Experiment, which was tested in WWII.

Thanks to Man In The Street for finding the link.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Parishioners In Uproar At Suspension Of Atheist Vicar

Hundreds of Danish villagers have come to the defence of their vicar after he was suspended for not believing in God......... They condemned the state Lutheran Protestant Church for its decision to suspend Pastor Grosboell after he spoke of his lack of beliefs in a newspaper interview.... "If there is no place for our pastor in this Church, then there is no place for many of us either," said the head of the parish council, Lars Heilesen...."

Excuse me if you think I'm wrong, but I thought the whole idea of being a vicar, preist or whatever you want to call it, was that you believed in God and led your flock accordingly. Not so according to some people.

Surely if you don't believe in God, you shouldn't be anywhere near a church, except for funerals, christenings and weddings?

The Dullest Blog In The World?

Whilst browsing around blogland today I came across The Dullest Blog In The World.

At first sight I thought the title could be spot on, but the more I thought about it the more the writings amused me. It's short observations on the simple but obvious things we do, written in a style strangely resembling that of Viz Top Tips soon had me reading more. You'll either love it or hate it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Black Pudding Throwing World Championships Under Threat

Work is under way to ensure Britain does not lose the right to stage the World Black Pudding Throwing Championships..... Following the unsuccessful bid for the 2006 World Cup and the Picketts Lock global athletics fiasco, another prestigious contest has now come under threat..... Its latest venue, The Corner Pin Pub in Stubbins, closed in May, putting the future of the contest in jeopardy..... During the contest, the puddings, a traditional Lancashire delicacy made from congealed blood, are hurled at their Yorkshire counterparts....

So says Ananova.

In a way I do hope the championships are cancelled, I prefer to eat my Black Puddings not throw them. If you still like the sound of them after reading that page then you can order them here, but the company can only deliver in the UK due to strict regulations.

Brass In Pocket

Well I'm sovent again, my coat and wallet, full of money and credit cards, arrived at the sorting office yesterday. I signed for it and picked it up this morning. I must be losing my mind I have never ever mislaid or left my wallet at my parents house before. Still all's well that ends well, I've got Brass In Pocket and can spend, spend spend, well I've enough to buy the wine for tonight anyway.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Record Blog Hits In A Day

Yesterday saw my blog recieve the most hits I've ever had in a day, 20, sad isn't it?

What's The Real Meaning Of Your Name?

We've all seen them, those stupid little mugs in 'tat' tourist shops, you know the ones with your name on one side and the meaning of your name, displayed for all to see, on the other. Well there is a website that has a list of the real meaning of names.

I'm Michael (very good looking but he'll do anything for a girl, which is totally sweet), who are you?

Find out at www.bloodyexcellent.com/names. Unfortunately the list isn't extensive.

And I thought I Was A Fat Knack!

A 265-kg (585-pound) French woman who had not left home in six years was hoisted by crane from her apartment and taken to hospital, the local fire department says. - reports Reuters.co.uk.

This story puts a whole new slant on the term "lard arse", until you visit this site.

The Case For The British Pound::

"The present euro zone structure is devastating for Germany. Our economy is bleeding. And I am convinced the UK would be crazy to join - you should stay out for as long as I can foresee..... Deflation has already arrived, in that our economic dynamism has disappeared. There is no willingness among the private sector to invest, and euro zone rules have cut back public investment to an extent we haven't seen since the war..... The truth is that the ECB is trying to carry out an impossible task.... You cannot set one interest rate for 12 very different nations - that's a problem which won't go away........ The whole system could eventually collapse, given the problems when one central bank has to steer an entire continent of nation-states. Certainly, the more countries that join, the more ungovernable it will become. In that sense, the euro was born to die."

To paraphrase Jimmy Cricket: "and there's more" just read the full text of what Wilhelm Nolling, former director of the Bundesbank, has to say to Britain's Channel Four.

Monday, June 09, 2003

Back Again

As you can see, I'm back in one piece well nearly one piece. After a great and emotional party I feel somewhat knackered to say the least. We finally got to bed around 3am on Sunday. I woke up at 7am and couldn't get back to sleep, so got up and had some bacon sarnies for breakfast. Once every one had woke and got themselves in a fit state to travel, we set off back across the Pennines for home.

It was only when we stopped off in Skipton for a bite to eat around Half past two, that I realised I had left my wallet, credit cards, cheque books etc. at my mothers house (Wally!). Having got half way home I decided that I wasn't going back so phoned to ask mum to send them to me via registered post. I had enough cash to pay for lunch and Pol has cards for our accounts so I could live without mine for a while.

We got home around 5pm, feeling pretty worn out. We both flaked out on the sofa around 10pm, and woke again at 11pm, just in time to throw the cat out before going to bed. I'm still feeling the effects of the night today, but should hopefully be fully recovered by tomorrow.

Luther Watch

The latest news, on Luther Vandross, indicates that the R&B singer has awoken and is responding to 'Yes or No' questions by nodding his head. Doctors expect him to require at least another five to six weeks in intensive care, but a spokeswomen said that the prognosis is "positive".

The basis for the above story can be found on Rolling Stone, but a more detailed account can be found at Eonline

My previous blog on Luther can be found here.

Friday, June 06, 2003

End OF An Era

Well this weekend will mark the end of an era in the Harrington family. Some of you may even be tempted to ask why, if you are tempted, then you won't be disappointed to learn that I'm going to tell you anyway.

The reason is that I am attending a going away party for my younger brother, Trevor, and his family, who are leaving these shores to start a new life in Australia, Brisbane to be exact. It has been their dream for the last few years and clearence, from the Australian immigration authorities, finally came through in January. They have now sold up their house and will fly out to Brisbane, via Singapore, on Tuesday evening.

I'm sure the party will be both a sad and happy affair, because we will all be sad to see him go, but are glad that he will have the chance to find more stable work, in his trade, than he could find in this hell hole of a country. There will be one surprise guest at the party, for around 250 guests, whom Trevor doesn't know is coming. He is a former sports teacher from his primary school, who was popular with all the kids. I can write this as I know Trevor doesn't read this Blog yet, though I will give him the URL before he leaves so he can pop in from time to time.

Trevor's a welder by trade and for more years than I care to recall has spent his time hopping from one poorly paid short term contract to another, just to keep himself in work, house and home. He has often spent months at a time apart from his wife and daughter in foreign counties to keep a steady income flowing. His reasoning for moving is sound, there are good job opportunies in Australia for his trade, and though he will be abroad he will at least be with his immediate family.

Everyone is made up with the chance they to improve their life and I personally will be raising a glass or two to their futures together. I'm saving up already for our tickets to visit them, either next year or the year after which may be better, as I can then have a good excuse for a 50th birthday party, in the land of Oz.

Cheers Trevor, Lorraine and Holly, we'll sink a few jars together, tomorrow night.

Are We On Fire Or Have You Farted Again?

Ananova reports that: an air ambulance crew almost ignored the smell of an on board fire because they thought it was just the patients farting. Fortunately disaster was averted when the co-pilot managed to land and evacuate the plane.

Be warned: next time you detect a cabbage-like smell in the vicinity, make sure that it isn't accompanied by billowing flames.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Heroes And Villains

Have you ever wondered where your top film villain ranked in the badness stakes? You can now find out by visiting the AFI villains poll website. I think they have got Dr. Hannibal Lecter just about right myself.

The website for the top fifty heroes can be found here.

Salam Pax Is Real

Anyone who has followed the Blog Where Is Raed?, throughout the Iraqui war, will already know there has been some controversy over whether it was real or not. Well in case that you haven't been following Salam's writings recently, here is an article from a journalist who has met Salam, the author of the blog.

Not only that but the UK broadsheet The Guardian has signed up the author of the Baghdad Blog, to write for them on a fortnightly basis.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Euro? What Euro? We're Still Using LSD

Whilst politicians and pub opinionators argue themselves to a standstill over the burning issue of the day, "Should we adopt the Euro?", one pub in London still hasn't converted to decimal currency, after the change over 33 years ago.

The King's Head in Islington, London, the constituancy of our Poodle-in-Chief (Tony Blair), still uses £sd to price their products.

Dan Crawford, the landlord, does admit that he might find it more tricky, to convert the prices, if we do eventually move over to the Euro.

The Daily Mail Referendum on the New EU Constitution

Tony Blair, the man at the head of our nanny state, says that the new proposed EU Constitution is merely a tidying up exercise and is denying the public a chance to vote on the issue in a national referendum.

Whether you are for or against the treaty, The Daily Mail, one of our more right wing national rags, is offering the people of Britain a chance to put their views forward, in an unofficial referendum. It is The Daily Mail's view that we should be given a say in the matter. If they had their way it the issue would be vetoed, as can be judged by Peter Hitchins tirade in a recent Mail On Sunday article.

If you think we should be given the chance to vote on the issue, or not, then cast your vote here.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

What We Got Up To Last Week

What did we get up to whilst on holiday last week, well a lot of gardening which I won't bore you with, I'll save that for another time on Mike's Garden Muse. Plus we made our wills which had nothing to do with Pol's current condition, it had been planned anyway. So most of the week was boring really, but the highlight was the last weekend when we took off on Friday for a break to the Lake District National Park.

As most people in Britain know this is a area of outstanding natural beauty, with many sights to see. We arrived at our destination of Bowness-on-Windermere at around 1pm on the Friday following an uneventful drive up the M6.

We booked into the Crag Brow Hotel which we had seen on a previous day trip, and it turned out to be every bit as good as the on-line brochure claimed. We spent Friday wandering around Bowness and took a walk along the shores of Lake Windermere as far as the Ferry to Near Sawrey. On our way back to our Hotel we stopped off at a lakeside pub and had a few drinks to cool off. It was a hot day and we would soon learn the weekend would get hotter.

Back at our hotel we showered and then went down to dinner, in the hotels superb restaurant. It was quiet and the food was excellent, as can be seen from the choices on this sample menu. I had the duck leg to start, followed by the Lamb rounded off with the Sticky Toffee Pudding with Ice Cream which was unbelievable. We finished the evening with a stroll down to the lake to burn off some of the calaries consumed.

Saurday saw us drive to Grassmere and do a circular walk around Grassmere & Rydal Water. The total distance of our walk was around 5.5 miles. We stopped off at the Badger Bar Hotel for refreshments and a light lunch before the return leg.

After a browse around the Grassmere shops we took a drive along the shores of Thirlmere up to Keswick and then across to Ullswater before returning to our base in Bowness. For the evening meal on Saturday, We both had: The Chicken Liver Parfait, followed by the honey glazed corn fed chicken, then I had the fresh fruit sorbet to finish off. On both evenings we'd had a bottle of Chilian Sauvignon to accompany the meal, and a glass or two of beer before and after. We decided that a stroll that night was out of the question to heat exhaustion, well that's what we called it.

On the last day, Sunday we drove over to visit Hilltop at Sawrey, which was once the home of Beatrice Potter. before heading slowly home through the Forest of Grizedale and then visiting Sizergh Castle another National Trust property. Leaving Sizergh at around 4pm we took a slow drive home down the A6.

All in all it was a good week off work capped off by a brilliant break in the Lakes with brilliant weather to boot. It can't be bad.

Sometimes Dreams Really Do Come True.

All my dreams have just come true. A family run business, Doddington Dairy, have just launched a new ice cream under licence from brewers Scottish and Newcastle: The Newcastle Brown Ale Ice Cream goes on sale at supermarkets and speciality shops across Newcastle and Northumberland from next week.

Monday, June 02, 2003

Luther Still Critical But Stable

More than a month after his massive stroke, Luther Vandross is listed as critical but stable, CBS News reported on Friday. His mother talks about the stress and overwork, that may have caused the condition, and describes it as a wake up call from God.

Doctors are optomistic that the legendary R&B singer will make a full recovery despite his critical condition.

Last Week

I'll probably do a blog about my week's holiday tomorrow if I get more time.

Bull In A China Shop

Whilst I was on holiday, this Bull In A China Shop story broke last week. Some stories made claims that the damage, caused by the bull's rampage, was estimated to be thousands of pounds.

This in my opinion is way off the mark. I have visited the Antiques Centre in question, on a number of occasions and reckon that the bull did most of the stall holders a favour. They will get more, from insurance companies, than they would ever have got from paying customers. The place was full of worthless junk, Steptoe And Son eat your heart out.

The bull was more likely to have been shot because it didn't pay the admission charge.

If You Can't Beat Them, Sue Them!

It seems that the well known fast food franchise, MacDonanld's have taken offense over critisism from a leading food critic in Italy.

Rather than taking steps to improve the tasteless unhealthy garbage that they churn out each day, they have taken the usual American step of
attempting to sue the critic.

You see, maybe the critic was wrong. I described the food as tasteless, the critic claimed the burgers tasted of rubber and the fries of cardboard. In my opinion the message MacDonald's should take on board is:

"If you want to silence the critic, IMPROVE THE PRODUCT".

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